Horse Colours - Practical Horse Genetics (Australia)

If you would like to use a photo please contact the photographer for permission. Use the photographer's name, their love of horses and your sleuthing abilities to get in touch.

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Agouti Amber Andalusian Appaloosa Arabian ASH Australian Pony Bay Black Blagdon Brumby Buckskin Champagne Chestnut Clydie X Cream Cremello Crossbred d1 Draft Drum horse Dun Dunalino Dunskin Fjord Friesian Gold Grey Grulla Gypsy Cob Highland Pony Holsteiner homozygous splash homozygous tobiano Knabstrupper Miniature nd1 nd2 Overo Paint Palomino palomino pearl Palouse Pearl Perlino PRE Quarterhorse Quarterpony Red Dun Riding Pony Roan Sabino Shetland Silver Silver dapple Smokey Black Smokey cream Smokey Grulla Splashed White Spotted Standardbred Stockhorse Thoroughbred Tobiano Tovero W20 Warmblood Welsh